Expand Your Media Monitoring Scope

Search an unmatched, global content collection from a single dashboard. Newsdesk business intelligence software will improve your ability to monitor the buzz around companies and brands, and give you the tools to conduct advanced competitor analysis.


Discover What Newsdesk has to Offer

LexisNexis solutions empower thorough research and analysis, on a cost-effective basis so you can check your facts fast, and keep the trust of your audiences.

Features that give you new insights

Nexis Newsdesk is an award-winning online solution that allows you to monitor and research media about your organization. Visualize the information found and share valuable insights with your stakeholders

Access Premium Content

Nexis Newsdesk is a unique all-in-one media monitoring solution with the most extensive range from sources such as print, (online) news, social media and blogs

Analytics through data visualization

Understand better what is being said or written about your brand, campaign or competition by visualizing the data in handy graphs.

Analyze top industry and subject terms

Assess and understand what’s being said about your brand, how you stack up against competitors, and top industry and subject terms to improve your brand.

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