Your questions from the webinar:

1. Does the academic version [Nexis Uni] include all these functionalities that are being showed?

Katrin Wagner: No. Nexis Uni is a different research tool and was created for ad-hoc research and the option to download selected documents for the use of academic research paper or thesis. Consider our terms & conditions, especially rights of use, visible at

2. Are Ukrainian English-speaking newspapers included into a database?

Katrin Wagner: Generally, we do include news sources published in or for the Ukraine. Most of these sources are in English language and half of it does provide archive material only (no longer updated). Sample sources are: Business World Journal, EuroNews - Ukrainian Version, Intellinews - Ukraine This Week, Intellinews - Ukraine Today, M-Brain Ukraine News, News Bites - Central and Eastern Europe: Ukraine, SeeNews Ukarine, Ukrainian Government News, Ukrinform (Ukraine).

3. Would it be possible to implement the Jupyter Notebook within Nexis Uni?

Katrin Wagner: This is currently not our approach but we might consider this in future developments.

4. Is it possible to install any Python library in the Jupyter notebook or R package?

Özgür Aycan: Yes this is possible. Through the terminal or inside the Jupyter notebook, most common packages can be installed using mamba. This will account for and install required dependencies as well. If these packages are not available through mamba, the installation can be done through the file upload feature.

5. What are the limitations of the Cloud environment. Is it possible to process large amounts of articles without running into memory issues?

Katrin Wagner: Currently, the limitations are 8 GB of memory and 2 CPUs for processing. Within these limits it is possible to run 10K -100K documents (depending on the subscription).

6. Is it possible to analyse the meta data of Nexis with the Quanteda Package (R)?

Özgür Aycan: Yes this is possible. For this, Quanteda needs to be manually installed with required dependencies.

7. Is it possible to upload external data into the Notebook?

Katrin Wagner: Yes, it is possible to import your own third-party data into the Notebook to compare research you do outside of Data Lab with your findings from Nexis Data Lab research. Currently, our upload limit is about 1G and the work directory for the Jupyter Notebook is limited to 15G total space.

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